Pine Meadow Brick Home

Sims 4 Pine Meadow Brick Front Exterior

This home is inspired by a house I saw in Country Livings November ’16 issue. The home has beautifully painted brick exterior and green shuttered windows.

Interior for this sims4 home comfortably fits 5 bedrooms in the main home and a guest house out back. The guest house is attached to deck pool hangout area.

Sims 4 Pine Meadow Brick Front Exterior

The floor plan is open on the main level of the house as the kitchen opens up to the dining area, large secondary entry onto either the office or family room.

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I like to think of a growing family moving into this home and starting a garden plot outside. Where they can enjoy family time in the pool and delicious homemade dishes.

You can get this home for your sims by checking out my gallery, the username is Willowlyn.

Sims 4 Pine Meadow Brick Gallery Page


Sims 4 | Creating My Corgi, Emma

Willowlyn and Emma

Hi Everyone!

I took the plunge and created a youtube account! Ekk, I’m so excited to start sharing my sims and home creations.

I recently bought the cats and dog expansion for my game and thus I needed to create my puppy, Emma. You can browse adorable corgi pics over on her Instagram, here.

I had a lot of fun and Emma got lots of pet pets and belly rubs as I needed to get her to model for me!

Places to find me:

Youtube: Willowlyn Sims Designs

Sims 4 Gallery: Willowlyn

and of course here on my blog!

Thanks for watching and checking out my first video!

~ Willowlyn